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The "Ital-Mex Connection" was created by a 25 year old business professional who is an Italian-American, and has a lovely Mexican wife, so you see where the name came from. I.M.C. is a ... new entrepreneurial service ... that truely wants to offer excellent products and services over the "Internet". Such as our newly created ... On-line Catalog of some "exciting and unique" products from the "FUN THINGS +" company ((see page 2)).

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Secondly ... do you need some FREE information? Does it seem like everything on the "Internet" costs money. We'll here's what we have for you. FREE information on how you can protect your computer or equipment from power problems such as: spikes, surges, sags, and brownouts.

Also we have FREE information on:
(1) Things you should know about prescription drugs.
(2) Panic Disorder.
(3) Guide to buying a home with as little as 5% down.
(4) Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders.
(5) Prescriptions to help Smokers QUIT!!!
(6) Marriage Counseling (See Minden Church HOT LINK Pg. 2)

Thirdly ... do you like stained glass? Our family loves the way stained glass shines through the windows in our business and home.

"Ital-Mex Connection" for the past 5 years, has HAND-MADE spectacular stained glass windows and would love to answer any questions you have concerning stained glass. Also, we're offering to make a special STAINED GLASS piece for you or your loved one.

* It Makes An Excellent Gift ... For That Special Person In Your Life *

E-Mail our site with the size specifications and colors and exact details of what the object will look like (even include pictures if possible) and we'll contact you and tell you:

A.) If It's Possible to Create.
B.) Our PRICE for completing the project.

PLEASE NOTE ... we are a start-up business (with stained glass sales), which means our costs will probably be as good ... IF NOT BETTER ... than industry standards. But on the other hand all sales will be FINAL. Therefore we suggest that if you live near the Joliet, Illinois and outlying areas it would be better to pick up your completed piece yourself.

* Remember Stained Glass Is Not An Exact Science ... Each Project Will Be Unique *
* And That's the Fun of It. *

Send us a check or money order for $1.75 (make it out to the contact person below) and we'll send you our Booklet which contains pictures of our "one of a kind" stained glass windows as a testament to our quality and experience. For $2.50 we will send you our Booklet and our ... "Stained Glass Feature of the Month" ... which we can make for you at an additional cost. We will deduct the cost of the booklet off the price of your custom project if you choose to purchase a stained glass window from us.

"Ital-Mex Connection" ... offers all these services, most of them free of charge, because we are a Catholic Business (And Proud Of It) who would like to share thoughts and experiences with you.

Thank You ... for visiting the Web Page of the ... "Ital-Mex Connection"!!!

"The Ital-Mex Connection"
Ryan M. Alm
821 Buell Ave.
On the corner of Buell & Prairie
Joliet, Illinois 60435

Telephone & Fax: 815-723-9524

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