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The owner of ... Uni-Step Advertising Associates. Currently, he is executive marketing director of ... Dura Flor, The Moran Group, Magica Artistica, and J&S Enterprises. He has over 15 years of computer communication & programming experience. He attended the "International College of Naples, Florida". Emphasizing on Accounting, Business, and Marketing. The original "Founder-Owner" of this Bestmall website.

Brad Bishop ~ Be. Site Design

Site marketing, design, editing, layout and consulting . President of the ... "Be. Group" Bishop Enterprises, The Bargaineer, BeHealthy - USA, BeSexy - USA, BeWealthy- USA. All now listed at the ... Bestmall website. Advisor to "Futures Unlimited", a sales and marketing company. He attended ... "Marshal University - Huntington, West Virginia". Responsible for the the new look and design you see at the Bestmall website.

To see some of my work on "Storefronts" in progress go to my site ... Be. Site Designs
Listed with the "IBM Web Affiliates Program" for ... Web Site Design and Consulting.

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