One of 1996's biggest opportunities

Our opportunity has never been better for introducing a food to feed the entire world. For a free cassette tape call (800) 927-2527 ext 1819.

The food is exceptional

I heard about this all natural superfood and tried it a year ago. It is great for the average person - for sick folks or healthy folks - for children or elderly - athletes - everybody! It's good for people, pets, even plants. A true miracle - the result my family got persuaded me to look into the opportunity. I didn't need another business - but this food product won me over. Am I ever delighted! When this goes worldwide, it could be more important than the computer chip.

The opportunity is strong

I was actually looking for an excuse to keep out of the business. But I found no excuse to stay away. The opportunity is amazing. Starting from scratch and working hard I reached $10,000 a month in four months. After one year, I make more monthly than most folks make yearly.

Business is booming

An established 14 year old networking company, growing at over 250%. Our group leads in this growth -- producing several "Executives" and many leading "Double Diamond" distributors quickly. Our momentum has just begun -- the timing could not be better!

For a free cassette tape call toll-free
(800) 927-2527 ext 1819

Glen Arthur Brink, PO Box 6101, Boulder, CO 80306
Internet E-Mail:

Call (303) 442-6460

Fax (303) 413-0450

conference call hotline: (904) 422-2122, ext 500
fax on demand information: (800) 565-5092, ask for item 999
fax on demand price list: (303) 413-0450, ext 02*, item 20

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