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Having a ... business-of-your-own ... has always been an important part of the 'American Dream'. Today, that need is heightened tremendously due to the pressures of an ever changing economy resulting from the spiraling impact of modern technology advances.


The objective of NOBO$$, founded in 1978, is to enable you to search and evaluate an amazing variety of legitimate "Business Opportunity Sources" that can be launched, established, owned and controlled with a small capital investment of ... under $5,000.

Within these "Listings" you will find detailed information about scores of legitimate money-making enterprises, from chimney sweeping ... to marketing on the Internet.


While being a 'home-based' business is not a requirement for any "Listings" within NOBO$$, the practical fact is that few businesses can be started within this target price-range if they require the expenses of ... a storefront or office-space. The great majority of all businesses represented, are essentially able to be worked from home.

We cordially invite you to search our basic NOBO$$ Opportunity "Listings" and, if you are serious about selecting and launching some business enterprise of-your-own, you are also invited to register and join us ... (at no cost to you) ... as a member of NOBO$$.

The National Organization of Business Opportunity Seeker$


Unless otherwise indicated ... a basic NOBO$$ Business Opportunity "Listing" is NOT an advertisement and does not represent or imply and endorsement by The National Organization Of Opportunity Seekers. We are not responsible for nor do we recommend any one company or one business.

"Note: although any HTML browser will work, we recommend that you use Netscape for optimal results here. You may download Netscape from their anonymous FTP site at ftp.mcom.com/netscape/. Further information regarding Netscape, may be obtained at their website ... http://home.netscape.com/index.html"

Viewers ... based upon information presented in the "Listings" ... you may REQUEST further information (NOBO$$ will advise the "Business Opportunity Source" to send detailed information directly to you) or you may option to contact the Source directly.
DO NOT ATTEMPT ... TO APPLY FOR or PURCHASE EQUIPMENT, PRODUCTS and INFORMATION BASED SOLELY ON THE NOBO$$ WEBSITE "LISTINGS". Sources may change their basic offer, cost structure, etc. at any time.


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